Want to record the best vocal reel to help you get signed with that perfect agent or impress well-known casting directors?



“Requests for footage are becoming more and more commonplace so a decent vocal reel is an essential tool for performers today. These reels are of great quality and really help to showcase the actor.”

Jo Bispham

Musical Theatre Agent, TTA

Having the perfect vocal reel can be the difference between signing with that new agent and getting that dream job or being pushed to the bottom of the pile with hundreds of other submissions. Casting directors look for talent, versatility and quality that can be heard when vocal reels are made correctly and with care, something that we take very seriously.

We work different than the others.

Studio singing and recording is different than live singing and can be incredibly time consuming. When recording the official song for 2010 Stockholm Pride, for example, we spent three days recording the lead vocals so they were absolutely perfect.

We want all our clients to be proud of the vocals they have recorded, and believe that shorter sessions do not allow the time for perfection. This is why we book 4 hour private sessions for every artist. In a vocal reel, you want to have a selection of 4 contrasting musical theatre / pop pieces, ranging in time from 45 seconds to one minute per piece. We have found that having around one hour per piece is the perfect amount of time to delve deep into each recording, resulting in a vocal reel you can be proud of when sharing. We also believe in vocal coaching during the session, which will bring out the very best in each recording.

Our vocal reel packages are normally priced at £200.

*We are offering a 25% discount for early bookings 2019, limited spaces available!*

Upon booking a vocal recording session with us, you can expect:


  • 4 hours of private coaching and recording time with professional with over 20 years experience in the industry
  • Recorded at home studio in safe & comfortable atmosphere
  • Editing, vocal tuning and musical production after session is finished
  • 3.5 – 4 Minute final vocal reel delivered within two weeks ready to be uploaded to casting websites
  • We do ask you bring your own backing tracks on USB, preferably with the 30-40 second song cuts already made.

All our clients have had immediate success with their vocal reels. Listen to their final products while reading a few of our success stories here.


“Had an awesome time recording my vocal reel with Brandi! She was super professional while making you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I would recommend 100% to any performer looking to get a vocal reel done. “

Samuel Howe-Barrett

” I had such a wonderful time recording with Brandi, she’s got such a lovely energy about her. I was really nervous about having my vocals recorded but Brandi very much put me at ease, she was so encouraging and kind but also pushed me when she knew I could give more. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get a vocal reel done, especially someone new to recording, she’s a great mentor who can really get the best out of you.”

Ella Clayton Bell

” I had my first ever recording experience and it was with the amazing Brandi Himmelreich! I didn’t know what to expect with recording, but I had so much fun in the process! She made it a very relaxed experience and really got the best out of me, which is what you want. She made me feel confident in my vocals and pushed for me to do things I didn’t even know I could do. Can’t wait to do more recording with this talented lady!”

Harriet Richardson-Cockerline

“Recording with Brandi was a great experience, she helped me to get the best out of my reel, and I am so happy with it! I have been signed by my agent Russell Smith Associates on a basis of the reel, and have received many auditions and jobs off it. I highly recommend her!”

Sean Fitzpatrick

“After I recorded my vocal reel with Brandi, I was immediately signed by my agent TTA, who were impressed with the quality of the reel. They were surprised to learn it was done by my fellow performer Brandi, as she was new to the London scene. Only two months later, I was hired for the German tour of the International Magic Tenors, based solely on my vocal reel. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to invest in their success in the industry.”

Max Himmelreich

“I wouldn’t attempt to offer a service to others if I didn’t believe I could do it for myself. Looking forward to sharing my studio with other performers and hearing some amazing vocal talents!”

Brandi Himmelreich

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